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Aluminum Fireproof glazed doors


SFIRE offer our customer only the most modern products:  


  • Price "from manufacturer" allows us to be the most competitive on the market of fireproof glass products.

  • Production base in Ukraine allows to produce fireproof glass constructions in minimum time.

  • Licensed installation works are performed throughout Ukraine.

  • Quality assurance is confirmed by UkrSEPRO certificates.

  • The use of aluminum fireproof profile systems distinguishes our products from metal weldments. 


Sfire  FIREPROOF doors, windows, glass, partitions, hatches

Aluminum Fireproof glazed doors

   Aluminum Fireproof glazed doors of aluminum fireproof profile produced by SFIRE can be a reliable protection against fire, and due to the fact that they are no different from ordinary aluminum glazed doors, the room will create an atmosphere of elegance, lightness, modernity and comfort.


   Glass fireproof aluminum doors easily transmit sunlight, so the room will not be gloomy and dark.  The doors have a fire safety certificate and therefore even the most meticulous fire inspector will have no questions.


   Fireproof glazed doors with fire resistance EI 30, for half an hour will prevent cracks on it and will not transmit heat radiation and combustion products.


   Steel and aluminum profiles act as a framework.  They are filled with heat-resistant and heat-insulating filler, which increases the heating time of the construction.


   Fireproof glazed doors can be created in almost any style to maintain the unity of the interior style of the room.

Fireproof aluminum windows

Aluminum fireproof windows are designed to further protect the interior of buildings from fire.


   The fire safety of the premises and the entire building should be considered at the design stage.  The right choice and qualified installation of windows play a very important role in ensuring the required level of safety.  In the event that aluminum fireproof windows have high fire resistance characteristics, they can effectively resist the spread of fire from one floor of the building to the next and, therefore, they are fire barriers.

Fireproof glazed partitions

   Properly dividing a large room into zones, using fireproof aluminum glazed partitions manufactured by SFIRE, you can prevent the spread of fire in the event of local ignition.


   In the case when the office has doors and partitions with fireproof properties, the fire can be localized within a few minutes, before the arrival of the fire truck.  This means that the fire can be dealt with on their own and it will not have time to damage the interior and interior construction of a room.


   Fireproof translucent partitions are developed taking into account the increased characteristics of thermal insulation and tightness.  Due to the fact that the glass partition is impermeable to air, the fire does not receive oxygen and combustion stops.  In addition, fire partitions actively prevent smoke and keep the room temperature safe for life.  In the event of a fire, this may give the extra time needed to evacuate people from the premises.


   Partitions are usually installed not only in the offices, but also near fire exits, as well as in other places critical to the safe evacuation of personnel, such as stairs.

Fireproof glassworks

   Multiple protective glass has long been approved in many countries around the world and is recognized as a highly effective fireproof glass, used both in the exterior facades of buildings and indoors.


   They are widely used in hospitals, offices, shopping malls and educational institutions.

   Fireproof glass consists of sheets of polished sheet glass with a special coating and layers that expand (foam) at high temperatures to provide protection against the penetration of flames, soot and smoke from the fire into other interiors and corridors.

   The main feature of this product is that the expanding layer becomes cloudy during a fire, thereby reducing the likelihood of panic and eliminates the possibility of burns from thermal radiation of burning objects on the other side of the glass barrier.

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