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fireproof glazed aluminum door on Sfire test

Operating conditions

Operation of a fireproof double-glazed window for external application is possible under the following conditions:

1. Delivery and installation are performed at a temperature not lower than 0 °C.

2. The temperature inside the room where the fire structures are installed must not be lower than 0 ° C. The manufacturer removes the warranty on external fire structures with glazing in case of their operation in the winter in unheated rooms.

3. For external structures, double-glazed windows are used, in which fireproof glass must be on the side of the heated room.  Permissible outside temperature up to -40 °C.

Fireproof glass is used in fireproof glazed structures:

   - fireproof windows of the EI 30, EI 60 class;

   - fireproof doors of the EI 15, EI 30, EI 60 class;

   - fireproof partitions of the EI 15, EI 45, EI 60 class;

   - fireproof facades and stained-glass windows of the EI 30, EI 60 class.

According to the properties there are 2 main classes of refractory glass:

Class E - single-layer glass of special chemical composition, which for a given time will retain its integrity, but at the same time transmits heat flow;

Class EI - laminated glass, which for a specified time does not transmit flame, smoke and heat radiation, retains its insulating properties.

Fireproof glass is made on the basis of a refractory composition, which is located between the silicate glass.

Fireproof glass is resistant to temperature changes, solar ultraviolet and mechanical influences similar to "triplex".

Functional purpose

Fireproof glass is one of the most important components of any glazed fireproof structure: windows, doors, partitions, stained glass, etc.

They combine the transparency of ordinary double-glazed windows and fire-resistant properties that allow for some time to withstand an open flame in a fire.

Fireproof glass is certified and used as a part of fire-prevention designs of the corresponding class of fire resistance according to DBN B.1.1.7-2016 "Fire safety of building project".

Fireproof glass



   Fire protection glass can be offered as a part of fire-prevention designs or separately for fire-prevention designs of other manufacturers, including for the purpose of certification.



Testing and certification



Fireproof glass of all classes has passed the certification test as a part of fire-prevention designs of the corresponding class of fire resistance.

Fire tests are carried out in special open flame furnaces, where the temperature rises according to a certain schedule that simulates a fire.  The fire resistance class is assigned depending on the time that the fire protection structure with glass has withstood.

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