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Двери противопожарные офисные медицинские
Doors fire-prevention office medical children's style
Двери противопожарные офисные медицинские

 The filling of the translucent part in the standard version is a transparent fireproof glass.


At the request of the customer this glass can be tinted by a film or processed by sandblasting.  In addition, the filling can be partially replaced by a fireproof sandwich panel of the appropriate fire resistance class.

For Dealers and wholesale customers the cost is calculated taking into account personal discounts.

Our installation crews carry out works across all Ukraine in the minimum admissible terms.

FIREPROOF Doors for the office EI 30 with a decorative covering.  This series is intended for installation in rooms of offices, shopping centers, hotels, including in pure rooms (medical and other research laboratories, including at the enterprises of exact mechanical engineering, the pharmaceutical industry), and also in those places where aesthetic requirements are not  allow to install technical metal fire doors.

Are made in the following models:

SF.DO.1 fireproof doors for the office EI 30 single-leaf deaf

SF.DO.2 fireproof doors for the office EI 30 double-leaf deaf

SF.DO.1G fireproof doors for the office EI 30 single-leaf with glass

SF.DO.2G fireproof doors for the office EI 30 double-leaf with glass

Options for processing:

  • MDF board laminated

  • HPL-panel of different color and texture

  • PVC panel

  • Stone veneer

Single-leaf and double-leaf fireproof doors made of refractory aluminum profile with glazing up to 90% fulfill their protective function and meet the increased aesthetic requirements, satisfying customer requirements in the design of modern construction projects.

Certified by UkrSEPRO system fire-prevention aluminum doors are offered in external and internal execution in two classes of fire resistance: EI 30 and EI 60.

The profile of the box and door frame can be painted in any color on the RAL scale or laminated under wood.

The standard complete set of fire doors includes:

  • Reinforced hinges (3 pieces per leaf)

  • Push handles (set)

  • Door closer

  • Tensioner

  • Latches

Electromagnetic locks or latches, “anti-panic” opening system, sash closing coordinators, etc. can be additionally installed in the structure.

You can get more detailed information about our products by phone:

           +38(‎050) 415 7600


   by e-mail:




Fireproof doors - one of the most common fireproof products that used in all construction sites for civil and industrial purposes.

Glazed fireproof doors are installed in places where the aesthetic component is essential for interior solutions:

  • office and administrative buildings;

  • shopping and entertainment centers;

  • cultural and sports and health complexes;

  • medical institutions;

  • preschool and educational institutions;

  • hotel and sanatorium complexes;

  • high-rise residential buildings.



   The price of fireproof doors depends on several components:

the sizes of designs, a class of fire resistance, external or internal appointment, color of a profile.


   The maximum sizes of a door leaf: height - to 2100 mm, width of a leaf - to 1000 mm.



    Compliance with fire regulations in accordance with DBN B.1.1.7-2016 "Fire safety of building project" and other regulations on the operation of facilities dictates the use of fire doors in the doorways of evacuation exits:

  • in the corridors;

  • on stairways;

  • in elevator halls;

  • in the vestibules;

  • as a part of entrance groups and partitions.

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