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Modern fireproof glass

Single-layer fireproof glass is a specially chemically and physically treated glass.  It has excellent heat resistance and impact resistance, the intensity of the impact it can withstand from 1.5 to 3 times higher loads than ordinary tempered glass and 6-12 times more intense loads compared to ordinary glass.



Excellent fireproof properties: can maintain integrity for 90 minutes at a flame temperature of 1000 C, it increases the time for evacuation of people, prevents the spread of fire.


High strength:

Along with excellent fireproof characteristics, this glass has increased strength.  At the same thickness, fireproof glass is 6-12 times stronger than ordinary sheet glass and 2-3 times stronger than tempered.


Safety of use:

Upon impact, the fireproof glass breaks into small non-sharp fragments, which are even smaller than fragments of tempered glass.  These fragments are safe and cannot injure people.


Weather resistance:

Compared with laminated fireproof glass, the main feature of single-layer is weather resistance, in addition to high strength, this glass does not change its characteristics with prolonged exposure to ultraviolet (solar) radiation, it always remains crystal clear.


Further processing:

Single-layer fireproof glass is ready for use.  During its further processing it is possible to obtain laminated fireproof glass, double-glazed windows, fireproof glass for structural glazing, reflective fireproof glass, etc.


Areas of application:

Fireprof doors, windows, partitions, floor, structural glazing, as a barrier if necessary fireproof functions.

Fireproof glass is made of two or more layers of glass using an organic or inorganic mixture of adhesives for bonding or filling layers of glass.  This is a special glass that meets certain standards.




Excellent heat resistance:

it can effectively reduce heat radiation and heat transfer.  Can be used in chemical or electronic laboratories that require compliance with high standards.


Excellent sound insulation:

noise insulation at airports, places of heavy traffic, workshops, etc.


High degree of transparency:

due to the transparency of the adhesive layer, some types of fireproof glass are more transparent than ordinary sheet glass of similar thickness.


Areas of application:

fireproof doors, windows, structural glazing



fireproof glass cannot be used in places of intense sunlight because the glass is subject to the process of "aging".

Since the glass is subjected to a certain processing, at the end of the process it becomes impossible to further process: cutting, drilling, edge processing, etc.

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